covid-19 safety measures

We have taken steps to ensure the safety of you and your family as you visit with us for Church In Circles. You can see the guidelines below that we have put in place at R2.

What steps are we taking to keep you safe? 


1. No more than 50 adult attenders and 10 children will be allowed inside our facilities.

2. Prior to and in-between all Church in Circle events, all doorknobs and doorhandles will be wiped down.

3. All chairs and tables will be wiped down.

4. All kids toys will be wiped down.

5. To cut down on germs, the kids play sets will be closed.

6. All people entering and leaving the building will be offered an alcohol-based hand wash.

7. Everyone will be encouraged to not handshake or hug in this season.

8. Any staff, volunteer, or attender who has recently exhibited any flu-like symptoms is respectfully asked not to attend our services for a period of two weeks.

9. If you feel like you need to wear a mask, wear it. No judgment. We encourage it.

10. Finally, we encourage everybody to just use common sense in preventing the spread of germs.