Child Dedication Process: Step One


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Step One: Listen

Check out the two messages listed below and complete the homework assignments. We believe these messages and homework assignments will really help you start right now, at the beginning, to do the things that will truly matter the most to you and your child in the future. These early years are incredibly important. Watching these messages and talking about it together with your spouse will be an investment of time that you will never regret.

Message 1: Imagine the End

We want to inspire you to invest in the things that will matter most to their child’s future. We want you to know that the most important decision their child will ever make is to put their faith and trust in their heavenly Father. As parents, you will play a significant role in the spiritual journey of your child.

Homework 1: Write a Letter to Your Future Child

With your spouse, sit down and write a letter to your future child including the characteristics you hope they grow up to possess.


Message 2: Widen the Circle

We want to encourage you, the parents, to surround yourselves and your children with people who embody the characteristics you’d like your child to one day portray. We also want to challenge you to widen your circle of influence to include, the local church.

Homework 2: Widen Your Circle

Who are you going to invite to Child Dedication at Renaissance Road Church? Invite them today!

***When you register for Child Dedication you will receive a confirmation from Pastor Jace Breeback notifying you of the Child Dedication Orientation.

Once you have complete Step One, follow THIS LINK to Step Two: Register.