We need YOUR help. The work of Renaissance Road cannot go on without you. We are driven by God’s outrageous vision for this community, but vision without participation won’t reach anybody. It won’t accomplish anything. Every person (yes you, too) has been gifted by God to be used for God. So, while we don’t push people into volunteering where their passions do not lie, we expect that, as you become a part of us, you will plug into an area in which you are both passionate and gifted.

R2’s ministries start in the parking lot, not when the preacher starts his message. Our WoW Team, our teachers, and our volunteers who set up chairs and turn on the coffee makers early in the morning are just as important as the the pastor. And when the doors of our church close on Sunday afternoon, ministry continues as we give away food and as we reach a community beyond the walls of our church. Without the selfless servants of R2, what we do would not be possible.

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Find out about Renaissance Road’s Food Bank that feeds the less fortunate at every R2 worship experience.


Find out about our small groups meeting throughout the week all through the Triad.


Find out about our children’s ministry for kids from birth through fifth grade.


Find out more about Renyouth, R2’s student ministry for grades six through twelve.