An essential element of Renaissance Road Church is engaging in community with others.  Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 28 that we should “go [and] make disciples.”   We take this command at face value.  We believe that our small groups are one of the best ways for us to “make disciples.”  Consequently, we place a high emphasis on, and make a large investment in our groups.

Our groups meet at various times during the week in relaxed environments so that people can have a place of community. Some groups get together to serve others, some to learn, and others just to hang out with people. Whatever your interests and schedules are, we’re sure you can find a group that’s perfect for you.

We invite you to join one of these life changing communities today by emailing one of the leaders listed below.

FALL 2019 Groups

Ladies Breakfast & Bible Study

Pastor Paula Bost
Fuse Cafe, R2 Jamestown
Saturdays, montly, 9:00am

Bible Study: Love and Selfishness

Andy Reid and Kim & Aaron Titus
4006 Flagstick Court, Jamestown
Every other Saturday, 6:00pm

Bible Study: Ruth and Esther

Dawn Sanders
Fuse Cafe, R2 Jamestown
Mondays, monthly, 6:00pm

Sunday Lunch Bunch

Jenna & Pastor Jeremy Warren
Area restaurants in Lexington
Sundays, monthly, 12:30pm

Book Study: Changes that Heal

Rebecca Crabtree
Fuse Cafe, R2 Jamestown
Wednesdays, 6:30pm

Book Study: The Road Back To You

Pastor Jace Breeback
8589 Bayron Drive, Colfax
Every other Wednesday, 6:30pm

Weekly Prayer

James Dodd
Fuse Cafe, R2 Jamestown
Wednesdays, 11:00am


Pastor Jace Breeback
R2 Jamestown (shuttle from R2 Lexington)
Sundays, Monthly, 6:30pm


Jessica Anderson
R2 Jamestown
Sundays 11:00am

Mighty Men

Pastor Jace Breeback
R2 Jamestown
Saturdays as scheduled, 8:00am

Bullseye Gang

Thomas McCann
1460 Rowe Rd., Lexington
Sundays, monthly, 12:30pm

Senior Saturday

Pastor Paula & Dennis Bost
and Flo & Paul Brown
Fuse Cafe, R2 Jamestown
Saturdays, monthly, 9:00am

Bunco Night

Flo & Paul Brown
160 Meadowsweet Court,
Saturdays, monthly, 6:30pm

Breakfast Before Church

Flo & Paul Brown
Carolina’s Diner, Eastchester Drive, High Point
Sundays, 8:00am

Men’s Lunch Group

Josh Brown and Jason Plotkowski
Area restaurants in northern High Point
Every other Friday, 12:45pm

Men’s Basketball

Pastor Jason Goins
3723 Apple Orchard Cove, High Point
Sundays, 2:30pm

Movies and Discussion for Adults

Karin & Michael Willet
Homes throughout the Triad
Every other Wednesday, 6:30pm


Pastor Jace Breeback & Pastor Jeremy Warren
Both campuses
Thursdays, montly, 7:00pm