An essential element of Renaissance Road Church is engaging in community with others.  Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 28 that we should “go [and] make disciples.”   We take this command at face value.  We believe that our small groups are one of the best ways for us to “make disciples.”  Consequently, we place a high emphasis on, and make a large investment in our groups.

Our groups meet at various times during the week in relaxed environments so that people can have a place of community. Some groups get together to serve others, some to learn, and others just to hang out with people. Whatever your interests and schedules are, we’re sure you can find a group that’s perfect for you.

We invite you to join one of these life changing communities today by emailing one of the leaders listed below.


Fall 2018 Groups

Bi-Weekly Walking

Samantha Young | Wednesday – 7:00pm
Grimes Park – 25 Hege Dr. Lexington

Are you ready to get into better shape? Do you want people to hang out with while you do it? If that’s you, Samantha’s walking grouop is a perfect fit. Join her for some great exercise and even better conversation.

Breakfast and Building

Mighty Men of Jamestown | Saturday – 8am | quarterly
336.402.4981 | R2 Jamestown

Join our men as we gather together for breakfast, talk about ball, and then swing some hammers around our Jamestown campus

Breakfast before Church

Paul & Flo Brown | Sundays – 8am
252.619.4281 | Carolina Diner – Eastchester

Joint Paul and Flo at Caolina Diner before church on Sudnay morning. Caffeinate yourself and get ready for all that Sunday has for you!

Bunco Night

Paul & Flo Brown | Saturday – 6:30pm | monthly
252.619.4281 | 160 Meadowsweet Court, Winston Salem, NC 27107

Bunco Night is fun-filled with dinner, friends, and a little cutthroat card competition. You will absolutely love hanging out with people just like you, and then beating them in a game of cards.

Community Garden

Thomas & Tammy McCann | monthly
336.934.2086, 336.240.8608 | R2 Jamestown

Becoming part of our community garden means that you’ll have an opportunity to connect with and learn from other gardeners. It means that you’ll get to have fresh produce for meals around the house. And it also means that you’ll get to help contribute to R2’s Food Bank ministry.

Creative Team

Pastor Mark Meeks | Sunday – 12:30pm | monthly
336.813.7935 | R2 Jamestown

Our Creative Team is responsible for all of the creativity you see at R2 onstage every Sunday morning. Are you creative? Know a lot about the Bible? Want some input? Talk to Pastor Mark, and he’ll let you know how to get involved.

Dinner and Topical Bible Study

Aaron & Kim Titus and Andy Reid | Saturday – 6:30pm | Bi-Weekly
336.202.1823, 336.580.3411 | Various homes in Jamestown

The Titus Growth Group is a safe place, a place where you can let your hair down. At our group, you’ll find support, friendship, great food, study, and laughter (because we tell a lot of jokes). We’ll see you on Saturday!

Disc Golf

Joe Young | Sunday – 1:30pm | Bi-Weekly
336-804-2038 | Various courses across the Triad

Whether you’re an expert at throwing a frisbee or not, join this group of guys, as they play a round of golf and catch each other up on how their weeks have gone.

Fellowship and Bible Study

Joe & Lauren Young | Tuesday – 7:00pm | Bi-Weekly
336-804-2038 | R2 Lexington

Join us every other Tuesday as we come together in our coffee shop to laugh together, learn together, and lean on God together.

Food Bank – Jamestown

Paul Brown | Sunday – 9:30am | Every third week
252.619.4281 | R2 Jamestown

Food Bank – Lexington

Bonnie Owens | Sunday – 8:30am | Every third week
828.406.1631 | R2 Lexington

Joining our Food Bank Group means that you’ll get to form relationships with some amazing people, down on their luck. You’ll also make fast friends by serving with the same folks regularly.

Ladies Night

Paula Bost | Friday – 7:00pm | quarterly
336.407.2671 | Fuse Cafe, R2 Jamestown

Ladies, one Saturday night a month, it’s about us. Leave your kids and your families for some much needed girl time. We’ll have coffee together and share what God is doing in all of our lives.

Lunch After Church

Pastor Mark Meeks | Sunday – 11:45am | Bi-Weekly
336.813.7935 | Various restaurants around Lexington

What better way to get know the people you go to church than to have lunch with us. Sit down, grab a meal, and find out what family really is.

Men’s Basketball

Andrew Dancy and Pastor Jason Goins | Sunday – 2:30pm
336.775.7999 | 3723 Apple Orchard Cove, High Point

Let’s play ball! Men and teenage boys are welcome to show up and show off. All skill levels are welcome.

Men’s Lunch Group

Josh Brown and Jason Plotkowski | Tuesday – noon
336.215.4578, 336.685.1352 | Various restaurants around High Point

Men! Let’s grab some grub and … oh yeah, hang out while we’re at it. Every Tuesday, we’ll gather at a restaurant around the Triad for lunch. Because let’s face it, by Tuesday, you’re going to need a good meal and some laughs to get you through the rest of the week.

Movies and Discussion for Adults

Michael & Karin Willet | Wednesday – 6:30p | Bi-Weekly
336-420-8673 | 3102 Timberwolf Ave. High Point

As if we need an excuse to watch a movie together! Hang out with us in our home theater where we will fellowship and discuss your favorite movies! Popcorn and fun times will be provided as we watch a different movie every meeting!

The Path to Your Best Life

Pastor Jason & Kelley Goins | Thursday – 6:30pm | Bi-Weekly
336-307-9211 | 3723 Apple Orchard Cove, High Point

We start our meeting at 6:30 with a delicious meal; then we talk about our lives; then we talk about the Bible; then we talk about our lives some more. Join us, and meet some of your best friends.


Pastor Shon Barrier and Pastor Mark Meeks | Tuesday – 7PM
336-202-8330; 336-813-7935 | R2 Jamestown & Lexington (alternating)

Prayer makes us go. It is our engine. Gather with us as we seek God’s face, wisdom, and instruction.

Senior Saturdays

Pastor Paula Bost | Saturday – 9:00am | Monthly
336.407.2671 | R2 Jamestown

Calling all seniors! We’re getting together on the last Saturday of every month, and we’re going to live it up! Take some time out of your schedule so that you can be around a group of people who face the same issues that you face every single day.

Shooting. Guns. Together.

Thomas McCann | Sunday – 12:30pm | monthly
336-934-2086 | 1460 Rowe Rd. Lexington

At R2, we like to have fun. Our shootin’ group is where we have fun and make it loud. It’s gonna be a blast!

Student Arts

Kim Titus | Wednesday – 7:00pm
336-202-1823 | R2 Jamestown

Students! Have you always wanted to be on stage? This group is for you. From singing to playing and instrument to acting, our arts Group will show you how amazing it is to perform.

Topical Bible Study

Dawn Sanders | Monday – 7:00pm
336-442-0999 | 872 Jennifer Ln. High Point

Join other women who want to grow in their relationship with God and with each other. We’ll the use the Bible, prayer and studies to learn more about God’s amazing love and plan for us.

Topical Bible Study

Pastor Paula Bost | Thursday – 6:30pm | Bi-Weekly
336.407.2671 | 8589 Bayron Dr. Colfax

Don’t you need some friends to be with on Thursday night? We talk. We laugh. We pray. We’re studying about how faith works in the real world. Your Friday will never be boring again.


Ebonet Jeffcoat | Wednesday – 6:00pm
336-340-7641 | R2 Jamestown

Women, men, anybody! Let’s get in shape together. Join Ebonet as she creates a fun-filled and no-judgment zone where we can become and stay the healthy people God has called us to be.

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